DocuCentre-V 5070/4070

Making multifunction devices easier to use

- A flexible multifunction device handy in any setting
- Easy Fingertip Control
- Simpler Operations
- Offices Using Five or More Devices
- Printable from Any Machine on Demand
- Print in different environments
- Authentication management based on registered user information 

Scan more efficiently
- Various File Formats and Processing Supported
- Conversion to Editable Word and Excel® Files
- Save/Print Using a USB Memory

Fax more effectively
Leverage of Timely Information with Paperless Fax
- Reduced communication costs compared to regular phone lines
- Dependability to ensure error-free faxing

Mobile and Cloud applications
- Smooth, impressive client presentation
- Google Cloud Print
- Print Utility for iOS / Print Utility for Android
- AirPrintWorking Folder

- Offering further finishing outputs including "Z Fold Half sheet" and "Tri-fold" with the new C3 Finisher

Environmentally responsible
- Smart energy saving
- Visualise eco-friendly operation

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