Scan Translation Service

Overcome language barriers in Malaysia with our Scan Translation Service.

Our Scan Translation Service - which translates paper and electronic documents into different languages via FUJIFILM Business Innovation multifunction devices or our Cloud website - is used worldwide. If you are looking to scan and translate a multi-page document from English to Malay, for example, rest assured our software will get the job done quickly. In addition to facilitating communication, companies also employ it to improve business efficiency.

I want to translate electronic documents.
Upload a document using a web browser or DocuWorks Desk. Scan Translation Service translates it into the same file format as the original. You can download the translation from the URL received via email.

I want to translate paper documents.
Just scan documents on a multifunction device. Scan Translation Service can translate the documents from languages such as English, Malay, Japanese, Thai and more, while maintaining the same layout. You can obtain the finished translation on a multifunction device or from a web browser.

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