ApeosWare Management Suite 2

Address issues related to document input and output, including the cost of managing documents, risk of leaks, print queue traffic and operational delays.

Advanced design and visualization from the user's perspective
- Administrators are able to complete necessary settings and operations without looking at a manual, and users are able to quickly access the services they need.
- ApeosWare Management Suite 2 realizes a sleek system that removes tediousness with an easy-to-understand interface, simple settings and operations, and data visualization.

- Intuitive user interface (Administrator UI / device control panel / mobile device)
- Accounting report creation
- Display usage status
- Image Log Control
- Server Monitoring

Efficiently manage life cycle from creation to disposal
- With ApeosWare Management Suite 2, the document life cycle can be organized to increase operational efficiency of the administrators and strengthen governance for the business. Consistency is made possible as the system will inherit the grouping features set by the administrator and implement the same feature across the fleet of devices in the office. This ensures centralized management for the status of registration, settings and application of the appropriate user profiles.

- Device Management
- User Management
- Cost Management
- Print Management

Adapt to the ever-changing business environment to improve processes
- Customers exchange information daily across multiple platforms including multifunction devices, computers, operational systems and cloud services. ApeosWare Management Suite 2 connects to various devices and systems used by customers, and promotes input and output of documents.

- Link with File Management Service
- Document Distribution by flow


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