Cloud Service Hub

What is Cloud Service Hub?
Cloud Service Hub is an integration of a number of cloud storage providers including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint Online & Working Folder with a single sign-on feature on the FX Business Solutions device. Highly scalable, Cloud Service Hub can be right-sized to meet your evolving needs of capturing, digitalising, and storing data, so that you can reduce unnecessary bottom-line costs.

Key Benefits of Cloud Service Hub
Cloud Services Hub takes working in the cloud to the next level. It helps businesses already in the cloud make their day-to-day operations even more efficient by offering a user-friendly, secure and seamless scan-store-print workflow.
Cloud Services Hub increases collaboration within the teams in your business enabling the free flow of the latest information, especially if your business uses multiple Cloud Service Storage providers.

Data Security and Productivity
Cloud Service Hub incorporates high secure data transmission with Cloud Storage protection by an SSL certified, SSL encrypted and data centre security compliance. Cloud service Hub also supports a variety of file types including DocuWorks, JPEG & TIFF files. Prior to printing out a job, these files are automatically converted to PDF files thereby reducing the time required to convert the documents manually beforehand.

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