DocuWorks 9.1

Gather information, edit documents, and coordinate within teams even more smoothly.
"DocuWorks 9.1", more innovative than ever.

Gather and process information that you need smoothly
- Your own portable electronic desk, "Task Space". In addition to smoothly gathering documents that you need from the cloud and the Internet, you can also continue working on tasks outside the office and at home, thanks to mobile linkage.

Edit documents efficiently, focus on your tasks
- "Pencil Case" allows you to readily access frequently-used functions.
- By registering annotations such as sticky notes and markers, a popup box is displayed near your mouse even while editing, allowing you to use them right away.

Share operating procedures and coordinate with your team
- "Task Toolbar" can be customized freely. As multiple tabs can be created, it is possible to share even settings, promoting coordination within your team.


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